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Defense Against Identity Theft Charges

In the state of Tennessee, the charge of identity theft will require an aggressive legal representative to provide strong defense for the individual who is charged.

Identity theft involves the theft of another person's information without his or her permission to personally benefit for an illegal reason. Anyone who is charged with the crime of identity theft will face a Class D felony offense.

Take immediate action and contact Davis & Hoss, PC to find out what defense options you have available. If you are faced with the identity theft charges, you can place your trust in the aggressive representation that we offer. The government has accused you of knowingly taking another person's information without consent and having the intention of using it to commit an illegal act. For that reason, you must engage every resource that you have available to defend your case.

What actions are classified as "identity theft?"

Identity theft trafficking is a form of identity theft that carries stricter penalties and involves any of the following actions taken with another's personal identification information:

  • Sell
  • Transfer
  • Giving
  • Loan
  • Trade
  • Delivery

Another related crime is that of criminal impersonation. It is a crime to impersonate someone with the intention of defrauding that individual. Use of a false identification to obtain goods, services, or privileges that the individual is not otherwise entitled to have is a crime.

Avoiding the Strict Penalties of Identity Theft

When you are pursuing the reduction or dismissal of a criminal charge of identity theft, it is important to discuss the situation with a knowledgeable attorney. Our firm offers more than 30 Years of Experience handling a wide range of cases. Do not hesitate to obtain the quality assistance that you need.

Client Testimonials

  • “If I ever need an attorney for anything again, even if it was jaywalking, they would be who I would call!”


  • “My case was one step away from a jury trial and through their knowledge and skill resulted in the charges being dismissed and my record expunged and cleared and my rights restored.”


  • “It is clear to us that the ability to help people is a great motivator for Janie in her career.”

    A & B Smith

  • “Mr. Davis has a God-given gift of being quick on his feet in extremely high pressure situations. I would recommend Mr. Davis for any case that may come up large or small.”


  • “Bryan and Janie had a clear plan and advised me to be patient and fight which we did and won!”


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