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Criminal charges at the federal level are serious and often subject to more extreme penalties than state level offenses. In addition to focused prosecution, investigators and prosecuting attorneys possess more resources and often have greater experience compared with state prosecutors. For this reason, you should take federal criminal charges seriously. In order to protect your life, reputation, loved ones, and freedom, you sghould retain skilled legal counsel with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect you in federal court.

At Davis & Hoss, PC, our attorneys have more than 30 years of federal court experience. In that time, we have represented thousands of clients and conducted more than 200 jury trials in courts across the country. This level of experience equips us with an invaluable perspective. We are confident that a Chattanooga federal crimes lawyer from our firm has the skill to effectively protect you in federal court.

If you are facing any of the federal charges listed below, call our Tennessee law office at (423) 825-9747 today to receive your free case evaluation with a trial attorney. Find out how we are prepared to defend you.

Our areas of focus include:

White Collar Crimes
Defined as crimes committed by licensed professionals for financial gain by the use of fraud or deceit, as opposed to "blue collar" workers or crimes involving the use of force, offenses that fall under this category may include embezzlement, money laundering, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, conspiracy, identity theft, and more.

Drug Crimes
Federal courts aggressively prosecute crimes involving abuse of controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and prescription drugs used without a doctor's prescription. These crimes range from possession to trafficking to manufacturing, with various degrees of penalties upon conviction.

Sex Crimes
Some sex crimes, such as child pornography, are violations of federal law and therefore can be prosecuted on the federal level. The stigma associated with a conviction of a sex offense can follow you for the rest of your life. Don't let false charges damage your future. Retain the aggressive defense you deserve from a Chattanooga sex crime attorney.

Guns and Weapon Crimes
Some of the weapon charges prosecuted in federal court include: illegal possession on a federal facility such as an airport or military base, possession of a stolen gun, possession of prohibited ammunition, interstate weapons transportation, possession by an individual convicted of a felony, and possession of a gun in conjunction with a felonious crime. Learn more about your rights by consulting our firm.

Theft Crimes
While most theft crimes are dealt with in state court, some crimes - such as identity theft, carjacking, robbery, and pirating intellectual property including books and music can be tried by federal prosecutors. Our Chattanooga theft crime lawyers know how to defend individuals accused of these types of crimes.

National Park Crimes
If you are accused of committing a crime on federal soil, including a national park, the repercussions can be severe. A federal crime on your record could irreparably damage your future and your reputation. Hire the defense you deserve from a Chattanooga criminal law attorney with years of federal defense experience.

Immigration Crimes
If an alien is convicted of some specific crimes including drug abuse, certain firearm offenses, stalking, high-speed flight, domestic violence, failure to register as a sex offender, crimes involving children, and others, he or she could face deportation. Our attorneys are familiar with the laws and consequences related to immigration issues and are prepared to defend you.

Miscellaneous Criminal Offenses
A wide variety of crimes can be prosecuted at the federal level, including Internet crimes, wire fraud, antitrust violations, bankruptcy fraud, federal property crimes, RICO charges, mail fraud, healthcare fraud, election fraud, kickbacks, kidnapping, larceny, insider trading, contempt, war crimes, armed robbery, obstruction of justice, and much more. Many people are not aware that these crimes can be prosecuted in federal court.

A murder is prosecuted in federal court when it involves the killing of a federal official or if the homicide occurs on federal property. There are other situations in which murder is considered a federal offense. The penalties for murder are extremely serious on both the state and federal level, ranging from years of imprisonment to the death penalty.

By appeal, you can have your case reviewed by a higher court if an error occurred in the original trial. An experienced attorney from our firm will know that an unfair trial should be appealed and can persue this action in order to achieve justice for the client. Our federal crimes attorneys are willing to go the extra mile on your behalf.

Sentencing Hearing
If you have been charged with a federal crime or if you have reason to believe that you will be, call a Chattanooga federal defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. It is never too early to get the legal help you need. A federal crimes attorney from our Chattanooga firm can help ensure that you receive the lightest possible sentencing, such as probation.

Initial Appearance & Detention Hearings
You have the right to a swift initial hearing. The law requires an arresting officer to take the defendant before a judge "without unnecessary delay." You will also experience a detention hearing which determines whether or not you will be released or held in custody until trial. It is important to have an attorney with you for these proceedings in order to protect your interests.

Civil Cases
At Davis & Hoss, PC, we have extensive experience representing clients in civil cases before a federal court of law. Contrary to the popular misconception, most cases in federal court are not criminal cases but civil cases. We have the knowledge and ability necessary to protect your interests and your civil rights in a federal civil case.

Call a Chattanooga Federal Crimes Attorney for Stalwart Legal Protection

At our firm, we believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We want to ensure that the jury and the prosecution hears your side of the story. By listening attentively to the needs and goals of each individual client, we are recognized as a firm that does our best to provide clients with strong and effective legal representation at the federal level.

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