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For the dedicated defense you need to avoid potential penalties accompanying a conviction in Tennessee state court, have one of our criminal defense lawyers protect you. At Davis & Hoss, PC, we have more than 30 combined years of experience. Since the foundation of our firm, we have built our reputation as a legal team that consistently pursues the best interests of our clients.

No matter how serious the charges you face, we are ready to offer the support you need. Call our firm at (423) 825-9747 today to schedule a free consultation with a Chattanooga criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the aggressive defense you need to achieve the best resolution to your criminal defense case. Some of the areas we are prepared to help you with include:

Domestic Violence
Tennessee law does not allow the alleged victims of domestic violence to have those charges dropped. Whether you have been accused of domestic assault or you wish to have charges dropped against a spouse or cohabitant accused of this serious crime, it is important that you contact an experienced Chattanooga domestic violence attorney.

Driving Under the Influence
There are several developing issues in the area of Tennessee DUI law that could affect state residents. For example, the Tennessee Supreme Court recently ruled that it will not permit two judgments of conviction in a single indictment. Learn more about pending DUI legislation, including laws that affect a first DUI or felony DUI accusation.

The laws on felonies vary from state to state. In Tennessee, any sentence longer than 11 months and 29 days is considered a felony. Conviction of a felony can result in the forced surrender of several of your constitutional rights, including your right to own a gun, vote, or run for public office, and could even affect your immigrant status, resulting in possible deportation. Retain a Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer who can defend you from a felony conviction.

Juvenile Proceedings
If a minor has been accused of a crime in Tennessee, the state courts will first assess whether or not they should be considered delinquent. If the crime is serious, the minor could be tried in an adult court. Our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of children from the harsh penalties associated with charges such as underage drinking, minor drug possession, and even serious felony accusations.

The state of Tennessee considers three different types of misdemeanors, sorted by "classes." Whether you face charges related to a Class A, Class B, or Class C misdemeanor, do not take these accusations lightly. Avoid the expensive fines, possible jail time, and other penalties associated with a conviction by calling our lawyers at Davis & Hoss, PC at (423) 825-9747 today.

Motor Vehicle Crimes
Whether you have been the recipient of a traffic ticket, or face charges involving the use of a motor vehicle as a "deadly weapon," it is crucial that you receive the defense you need from a Chattanooga traffic defense attorney. We are familiar with Tennessee's rules of the road will defend you from the charges you face.

Murder or Homicide
Our legal team at Davis & Hoss, PC has been involved in more than 100 first-degree murder cases. This level of experience is extremely rare. If you or someone you love is facing charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter, reckless homicide, or criminally negligent homicide in Tennessee, do not hesitate to retain strong legal defense as soon as possible.

Is there a warrant out for your arrest in Tennessee? It is never recommended that you turn yourself in without first retaining a Chattanooga criminal defense attorney who can help you protect your rights, reputation, and interests. Call Davis & Hoss, PC at (423) 825-9747 today if there is a warrant with your name on it in circulation. We can help you take the right steps.

Probation Violations
Probation violations are very serious because they can mean the difference between harsh penalties and freedom. If you have been accused of committing a crime while on probation or if you have failed a drug test or missed a mandatory community service day, you could face severe consequences for violating the terms of your probation. Call a Chattanooga defense lawyer who can help you at (423) 825-9747.

Sex Offenses
There are a variety of sex crimes that can be prosecuted in the state of Tennessee, including rape, statutory rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and more. If you have been accused of one of those crimes, don't hesitate to retain a Chattanooga sex crime defense lawyer. Penalties upon conviction can be extremely serious, including prison time and inclusion in a public sex offender registry.

Civil Cases
In order to pursue the compensatory damages you deserve if you have been hurt by someone else's misconduct or inattention, you need an experienced Tennessee civil attorney on your side. Don't hesitate to contact a lawyer at our firm for the strong advocacy you deserve. We can help stand up for your rights and go to battle for you in a state civil case.

Call Davis & Hoss, PC for Serious Representation

Our lawyers have defended men and women from a variety of criminal charges throughout the state of Tennessee. We are one of the most experienced legal firms in Southeast Tennessee and committed to the best interests of our criminal defense clients. With a track record that includes 200 jury trials in various jurisdictions around the United States, you can have full confidence in trusting our firm to protect your interests skillfully and effectively.

Call Davis & Hoss, PC at (423) 825-9747 today to learn more about our respected criminal defense practice in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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