Initial Appearance & Detention Hearings

Initial Appearance & Detention Hearings
Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chattanooga, TN

One of the first steps in a federal criminal court case is attending your initial appearance and detention hearing. The first question any federal judge is going to ask of you is: Who is your lawyer? Federal cases move incredibly fast and many judges will give you only a week or two to retain a criminal defense attorney of your choice.

Remember, you are constitutionally entitled to hire any lawyer of your choosing, but you must act quickly to do so before your initial appearance. Don’t show up at this important hearing without a lawyer.

After your initial appearance is completed, the other hearing that must be conducted is called a detention hearing. This court date is critical because – for the vast majority of defendants – it will determine whether you will be released pending any trial or whether you will be held in custody. A detention hearing requires your attorney to first investigate your case, your background, your criminal history, your family and other factors in order to understand you thoroughly and be completely prepared to defend you in a federal court setting.

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While some defendants are not given any advance notice of this important hearing, a judge will grant any defendant a few days to hire an attorney of his or her choosing to represent them at a detention hearing. Many times, we are able to introduce proof before the judge to let our clients out of custody.

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