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Which sex offenses can be prosecuted in federal court?

There are variety of different sexual offenses that can be charged in federal court. Recently, a number of individuals have been charged in this area by federal and state law enforcement agencies who conducted “sting operations” by going online and posting ads on a variety of different websites posing as underage children. These cases raise significant questions regarding how far law enforcement can go. Is it entrapment or is it a crime?

Sex crimes are usually prosecuted under federal law when they involve interstate activity – including sex crimes conducted via the Internet such as child pornography – or certain specific offenses. Whether you have been charged with traveling in interstate commerce for the purpose of illicit sex, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of a minor, kidnapping for the purpose of a sexual crime, prostitution trafficking, child exploitation, or any other federal sex offense, don’t hesitate to contact Davis & Hoss, PC today.

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