Marsha Brantley Disappearance Case Dismissed, 48 Hours Airs


The disappearance of Marsha Brantley of Cleveland, Tennessee raised suspicions, but there was never any evidence she was a victim of foul play. Her husband, Donnie, was charged twice in the last 8 years for her murder, despite the lack of proof he had ever done wrong. Donnie retained Chattanooga criminal defense Attorney Lee Davis of Davis & Hoss, PC to act as his defense. Following many pretrial actions, the prosecution was convinced to dismiss the case, particularly in recognition of “Rule 29: Rule of Directed Verdict”.

Due to the unusual circumstances revolving around the case, it was brought to the attention of major news groups across the country, including the popular CBS program, 48 Hours. To learn more about this significant victory for Davis & Hoss, PC and the full details of the Marsha Brantley disappearance case, you can click here to view the entire 48 Hours episode that discusses it. You can also click here to view an abridged clip of the episode that focuses on “Rule 29” and how it proved to be the lynchpin of Donnie’s defense.

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