Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare Fraud in Chattanooga

In order to receive government funding, healthcare providers must file claims that document payment information and then submit records to support these claims. If a healthcare provider submits a claim that is false or misleading to obtain unwarranted federal funds, they can be charged with healthcare fraud. If you are found in violation of the False Claims Act, the penalties can be very damaging.

Contact our attorney in Chattanooga from Davis & Hoss, PC for quality representation! We know that innocent errors can result in serious federal charges. Our firm has helped others like you resolve serious federal charges involving the following:

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Billing fraud
  • Bribes
  • Conflicts of interest

Penalties for healthcare fraud are quite severe and can even include a lengthy incarceration. Take action to avoid maximum penalties by speaking with our firm at once.

Experienced Defense of Health Care Professionals and Institutions

At Davis & Hoss, PC, we have the resources available to protect your rights and your best interests before the court of law. If you are charged with or under investigation for health care fraud, we can defend you as a healthcare professional or institution. 

Before you even become aware of the charges against you, a full investigation has likely been undergone. For that reason, our firm can get started right away performing a thorough investigation of our own. We are prepared to stand by you and to provide the tenacious advocacy you need. 

Federal court proceedings can be very stressful and you will need every available resource to pursue a reduction or dismissal of the charges you face. Contact our firm to benefit from the years of success we possess.