Prosecution Rests in Hemy Neuman Murder Trial

Prosecution Rests in Hemy Neuman Murder Trial

The Prosecution rested their case last week in the trial of Hemy Neuman, the man accused of shooting Rusty Sneiderman in front of his child's day-care facility in November of 2010. The focus of the majority of the State's case was on the widow of Rusty Sneiderman, Andrea Sneiderman. I detailed the testimony of Mrs. Sneiderman in an earlier post. Her testimony was so compelling, it deserved its own blog entry.

The focus continued to stay on Mrs. Sneiderman as the State called various witnesses to testify about Mrs. Sneiderman's actions and how they corresponded with Neuman's actions. Aside from providing numerous witness accounts detailing the intimate relationship observed between Neuman and Mrs. Sneiderman, the State turned its attention to the part she may have played in the shooting. As emphasized before, she has never been charged with aiding in the murder of her husband, and it is unlikely that she ever will. However, the State seemed to want to paint a picture of a detailed, planned out shooting in which Andrea Sneiderman was aware. While this is purely speculative, if evidence is presented that Mrs. Sneiderman was aware of the shooting, the jury might be more inclined to believe that Hemy Neuman planned it and told Mrs. Sneiderman his plans, contradicting his insanity defense.

The State called Lt. Barnes, the police officer who initially took Neuman's statement after the shooting. Among other things, he testified that he became suspicious of Mrs. Sneiderman and her relationship with Neuman when she adamantly denied having an affair with Neuman and when she waited 6 days after the shooting to tell police she believed Neuman was the shooter. He also testified that when Neuman came to give his statement, he was presented with records indicating his rental of the van witnesses saw Neuman drive off in after the shooting. Given this evidence, Lt. Barnes stated that Neuman said, "It doesn't look good" in regards to the case against him.

The State also called FBI Special Agent Freiman who examined Mrs. Sneiderman's iPhone and iPad. He testified that he found several suspicious searches conducted on her iPad including: "gun", "range", and "can police trace a cell phone call?" The State also called FBI Special Agent Chad Fitzgerald who conducted an analysis of the cell phone correspondence between Mrs. Sneiderman and Neuman dating from May 2010 to November 2010. He stated that Mrs. Sneiderman corresponded with Neuman 1,446 times during that time. He further stated that during that same amount of time, she only corresponded with her husband 882 times.

The defense began their case late last week. It will be interesting to see what evidence they produce of Neuman's psychological behavior in order to further his defense.

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