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Pain pills subject to abuse: Tennessee ranks second in the nation in the number of prescription medications dispensed.
Pain pills subject to abuse: Tennessee ranks second in the nation in the number of prescription medications dispensed.

Knoxnews.com reports today what is increasingly obvious, that there is an alarming abuse of pain pill prescriptions in Tennessee. Doctors in Tennessee alone prescribed more than 113 million oxycodone pills last year — Oxys, Roxies and others — according to the state ...

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Blog posts in October, 2011

  • DUI forced blood draw expands in Tennessee

    A new practice in DUI enforcement is now law. After January 1, 2012 a forced blood draw will be the law for every DUI stop in three situations in ...

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  • Sixth Circuit Reverses District Court's Refusal to Suppress Evidence Resulting From an Unreasonable Search and Seizure

    United States v. Beauchamp The Sixth Circuit decided U.S. v. Gevoyl Beauchamp , yesterday. Beauchamp pleaded guilty to possession with intent to ...

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  • Federal Judge Bars Florida's welfare drug-test law

    Federal judge temporarily bars Florida's welfare drug-test law CNN reports that: A federal judge has temporarily blocked a controversial Florida law ...

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  • Three Candidates Recommended for Court of Criminal Appeals

    THREE CANDIDATES RECOMMENDED FOR COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS VACANCY The Judicial Nominating Commission met in Jackson today to interview eight ...

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  • TN Supreme Court Affirms Defendant's Four Violent Felony Convictions

    State of Tennessee v. Christopher Lee Davis The TN Supreme Court decided today to affirm the conviction of Christopher Lee Davis for aggravated ...

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  • TN Court of Criminal Appeals Upholds Suppression of Evidence Based on an Invalid Search Warrant

    Tennessee v. Bob Spivey and Misty Buckner The TN Court of Criminal Appeals recently upheld the dismissal of all charges against Bob Spivey and Misty ...

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  • Judge from Court of Criminal Appeals Points Out a Discrepancy in Various Statutes in the TN Criminal Code

    JOSEPH M. TIPTON In a concurring opinion to the Court of Criminal Appeals decision in State v. Deandre Blake , Judge Joseph Tipton agreed with the ...

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