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Tennessee Supreme Court Holds Records of IMEF Not Subject to Tennessee Open Records Act
Tennessee Supreme Court Holds Records of IMEF Not Subject to Tennessee Open Records Act

THOMAS M. GAUTREAUX v. INTERNAL MEDICINE EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC The Tennessee Supreme Court held that because IMEF is neither the functional equivalent of a government agency nor subject to the requirements of the Public Records Act pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated ...

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Blog posts in February, 2011

  • Expungement Proper on Dismissed Counts of Indictment Even When There Is A Conviction on Other Counts

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. AMADO RUBIO TAVER In this Davidson County case Tavara plead guilty to DUI and the state dismissed, nolle prosequi, the charge of ...

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  • Eleventh Circuit holds 18 U.S.C. § 924(j) allows for concurrent sentences

    U.S. v. Julian , No. 09-13673 (February 22, 2011) The issue before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals was whether murder with a firearm in the ...

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  • CCA Affirms That Pending Charges May Serve As A Basis For Revocation

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. MICHAEL PIERRE ADAMS In this Hamilton County case Judge Poole revoked Adams' probation after a community corrections violation. ...

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  • CCA Rejects Overly Broad DUI Certified Question in Sequatchie County Case

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. JOHN ANTHONY PARTIN In this Sequatchie County case before Judge Smith, the defendant pled guilty to first offense DUI and ...

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  • TN Supreme Court Affirms Johnson City Employee Conviction

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. DANNY LYNN DAVIS Today the Tennessee Supreme Court affirmed the conviction of Danny Lynn Davis , an employee of Johnson City. ...

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  • Sixth Circuit Vacates and Remands Another Child Pornography Case

    USA v. S AM L. HOWELL Today the Sixth Circuit released USA v. Howell . Howell pleaded guilty to transporting, receiving, and possessing child ...

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  • Domestic Abuse Ambiguous But Specific Enough For Conviction

    This February Opinion from the Court of Criminal Appeals originated from Hamilton County Criminal Court, Poole, J., following a bench trial, where the ...

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  • Assault & Disorderly Conduct Jury Verdict in Knoxville Reversed By CCA

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. GARY LYNN HARVEY In State v. Harvey , the defendant was found guilty by a Knox County Criminal Court jury of assault, a Class A ...

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  • DUI Legislation Introduced in the Tennessee House 2011

    The following are ten House Bills introduced in 2011 that effect DUI Laws in Tennessee. DUI Offenses - As introduced, lowers the DUI enhancement that ...

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