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Tennessee Statute for DUI covers Alcohol for Any Intoxicant
Tennessee Statute for DUI covers Alcohol for Any Intoxicant

STATE OF TENNESSEE v. JESSICA LEE CLARK Ms. Clark appeals her conviction of DUI and essentially asks the Court of Criminal Appeals to determine whether the term “any intoxicant” as used in Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-10-401(a)(1) includes alcohol. It does. In this ...

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Blog posts in April, 2011

  • Failure to use turn signal not a basis for stop, crossing double yellow line is in this DUI

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. CARLIE D. SCHOENTHAL In this Chattanooga DUI Officer David Allen began following a woman who was in the vicinity of a local bar ...

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  • Sixth Circuit Upholds Conviction for 51 counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud against Nashville Mortgage Broker

    US v. HAROLD STAFFORD In this well written opinion, Judge Sutton summed up the activity of Mr. Stafford of Nashville: "Harold Stafford set out to make ...

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  • Defendants Have No Entitlement to Second Grant of Probation, says Court of Criminal Appeals

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. ROBERT LYNN HUNT, JR. The Court of Criminal Appeals has stated in this opinion that in revoking probation, a trial court had the ...

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  • Evolution Bill Put On Ice For Now

    History does have a way of reappearing, and in the Tennessee legislature an act introduced by Senator Watson is reminiscent of a legislative act from ...

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  • Vehicular Homicide Convictions Ordered to Run Concurrently By Court of Criminal Appeals.

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. MICHAEL W. KEMP Michael W. Kemp, was convicted by a Smith County Criminal Court jury of three counts of reckless vehicular ...

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  • Sixth Circuit Allows Privacy Act Case To Go Forward On Some Counts Where A Muslim Mother and Daughter Were Held, Searched, and Car Damaged Without Cause

    SHEARSON V. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND Shearson, a US citizen, and her four-year-old daughter, both Muslims, returned by car from Canada in ...

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  • Supreme Court Holds State's Do Not Waive Sovereign Immunity For Inmate Claim Under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

      SOSSAMON v. TEXAS Sossamon, a Texas prisoner, sued Texas and prison officials, seeking injunctive and money damages under the Religious Land Use ...

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  • CCA Affirms Second Degree Murder Conviction

    STATE OF TENNESSEE v. MICHAEL DESHAWN SMITH Michael Deshawn Smith, pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to twenty-three years’ in ...

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  • Sixth Circuit Reverses and Finds "facilitation of the burglary of a building under Tennessee law is not categorically a Violent Felony"

    US v. CHARLES VANHOOK The Sixth Circuit today reversed the District Court, Western District of Tennessee for a sentencing issue under the Armed Career ...

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