Working with Investigators & Experts

Working with Investigators & Experts

Chattanooga Criminal Defense Law Firm with State & Federal Experience

Not every criminal defense lawyer has the ability to work effectively with investigators and experts at both the federal and state levels. If you are facing criminal charges, whether in a federal or state court, you simply cannot afford not to have a competent, assertive Chattanooga criminal defense attorney on your side in order to defend your rights, your reputation, and your future. At Davis & Hoss, PC, we have effectively worked with both federal and state investigators and attorneys and represented our clients in interviews with the FBI, DEA, ICE, and state agents such as uniformed detectives and police officers.

With more than 25 years of collective experience and a track record that includes close to 200 cases tried in a wide variety of jurisdictions across the United States, our criminal law attorneys at Davis & Hoss, PC have the proven experience you need to feel confident as you move forward with your defense case. Whatever investigators or experts may be working on the prosecution side, our firm has have the experience and ability necessary to match their efforts on your behalf. We can work with these officials in order protect your interests.

You deserve strong legal representation. Let our lawyers walk you through the process ahead, providing unwavering support during this difficult time in your life.

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Your criminal defense case is important because it affects the things you hold dear, including your family, reputation, rights, career, and freedom. At Davis & Hoss, PC, we take your case seriously because you do. Our lawyers are prepared to fight aggressively and tirelessly to protect you from unfair and trumped-up allegations.

At our firm, we offer serious representation for important cases. In each new case we accept, we operate with the foundational believe that everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Whether you face allegations of a federal crime such as money laundering, child pornography, conspiracy, robbery, or homicide - or a state offense such as driving under the influence, domestic violence, murder, or a motor vehicle crime - call the lawyers at Davis & Hoss, PC. You can be confident that we are prepared to fight exhaustively for the justice you deserve.

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