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"I would like to Express my sincere thanks to Mr. Davis, Mr. Hoss and their staff for professional and effective representation. I was indicted on two felony counts involving Domestic Violence, which is serious in itself, because all across the Country Prosecutors, lawmakers, Politicians and other groups have passed and adapted such policies as NO DROP CHARGES. The Team at Davis & Hoss, PC stood with me all the way: listened to all my concerns, informed me of options and evidence every step of the case, and most importantly believed in me. My case was one step away from a jury trial and thru their Knowledge and skill resulted in the charges being dismissed and my record expunged and cleared and my rights restored. I highly RECOMMEND Mr. Davis and Mr. Hoss and again, I sincerely want to thank them and their staff for their Professionalism and Skills in managing and representing me and my case, I am very thankful this is over."

- B.G. Chattanooga TN


"We found great confidence in Mr. Davis from our first meeting with him, he met with us quickly, providing us with immediate counsel that addressed our worries. He took care of everything in a professional and efficient manner, making himself available to us and showing genuine interest and concern. He followed through completely with a successful outcome of dismissal and expungement. We will always be grateful for his representation."

- B.G. & J.G.

"I am very impressed with the results from yesterday. I did not foresee this being the outcome at all. I don't want to say I am "happy" about it, because I would've rather not been in the situation in the first place, but I am certainly and deeply grateful.

I am relieved to be one large step towards returning to normalcy. Your team's professionalism and counsel was one of the main reasons that I can say as much. I do not hesitate to responsibly recommend your team to others, should they have a need at any time."

- E.B.

"We have been delighted with the work of our attorney Janie Parks-Varnell. This began before our actual court date, when Janie met with us for an hour to thoroughly acquaint herself with the particulars of our case. After getting us a good outcome in Court, she has remained available to help us with the follow-up work that the judge asked us to do in the weeks ahead. It is clear to us that the ability to help people is a great motivator for Janie in her career."

-A & B Smith

Davis & Hoss, PC Have More Than 25 Years of Legal Experience

At Davis & Hoss, PC, we pursue the best interests of our clients. If you have been charged with a crime in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we offer the best possible legal support. Simply put, no matter how challenging or complex your case may seem, we are confident that each Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer at our firm has the legal training and experience necessary to help you.

With decades of experience, attorneys Lee Davis, Bryan Hoss, and Janie Varnell have been able to help countless men and women, just like you, face daunting accusations with confidence - and time and again arrive at a successful resolution. Whatever your situation is, with more than 200 jury cases tried in jurisdictions around the nation, our Tennessee criminal defense lawyers have what it takes to defend your rights, your reputation, and your freedom in a court of law. We believe that these testimonials from our past clients prove that fact.

Are you ready to hire the legal support you need to get through the challenging legal situation you face? Let us help you get through this ordeal. Whether the charges you face are in federal or state court, the legal team at Davis & Hoss, PC has the experience and knowledge necessary to make a real difference in your criminal defense. With a staff that includes an experienced criminal investigator, as well as a team of dedicated paralegals and law clerks, our firm has resources few other firms in Tennessee can offer.

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