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When it comes to a federal criminal case, the sentencing hearing is where the rubber meets the road. Hopefully, you will not need a sentencing hearing at all. With the help of a competent Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer, your case may be dismissed, not charged, or you will be acquitted. At Davis & Hoss, PC, we have been able to help countless clients avoid this stage altogether. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

In the event that a sentencing hearing is necessary, your defense attorney must do a number of things to competently represent you. To begin with, he or she must know your case inside and out, including all of the little facts and details that may seem insignificant but could make a huge difference in the result of your case. Your lawyer must also know your background, your education, your work history, your criminal history, and any other pertinent fact about you that you believe could be relevant.

This is your one chance to convince the judge that you should receive a lighter sentence or even probation.

Put simply, what your defense says and does on your behalf at this hearing could literally mean years off of your sentence. When the stakes are high, there is no reason not to get the best possible defense available to you.

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