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Tennessee is home to several beautiful national parks, including the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Cades Cove, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, and Cherokee National Forest. Many people are not aware, however, that crimes committed on federal property - including national parks - are considered federal offenses and may be prosecuted in federal court. Federal cases are serious because they invoke larger penalties and the involvement of highly trained and well-funded federal prosecutors and investigators. If you are facing federal charges, it is crucial to have a competent Chattanooga criminal defense attorney on your side with the level of experience necessary to defend you at this level.

The legal team at Davis & Hoss, PC has represented a number of individuals charged with criminal offenses that occurred in one of the many national parks in our beautiful state of Tennessee. Whether the alleged crime in question is a charge of driving under the influence, possession of drugs, possession of alcohol, or some other misdemeanor citation or felony charge - we know the laws that apply to your situation and we are prepared to defend you with aggressive and effective advocacy. This is an opportunity for you to receive helpful legal advice and see firsthand how we are the team you want in your corner for the legal fight ahead.

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Do not walk into federal court without a federal criminal defense lawyer on your side. With more than 25 years of collective experience, Attorneys Lee Davis and Bryan Hoss have what it takes to protect you from the charges you face. Conviction of a federal crime could jeopardize your future, your reputation, your freedom, and your loved ones. Let us be the legal muscle you need to achieve renewed peace of mind and confidence. With almost 200 cases tried in multiple jurisdictions around the United States, Davis & Hoss, PC has the experience to get you through this ordeal and achieve a successful resolution.

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