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Federal Drug Charges and Penalties § 841

Drug charges are some of the most serious charges anyone can face in federal court. Time is a critical factor when it comes to effective representation in drug cases. Many federal charges carry mandatory sentences. One look at the Federal Sentencing Table shows how movement up or down even just a few levels can greatly affect the outcome of any given case. An experienced and capable Chattanooga criminal defense attorney like Lee Davis, Bryan Hoss or Janie Varnell can give you advice in order to best understand these drug laws and their consequences.

This area of federal law is complex. Once federal charges are filed, the accused individual will immediately be faced with bond or detention - jail. This potential detention is influenced by the recommendations of the Federal Pretrial Services. You should have a knowledgeable attorney with you during these critically important first stages.

Lee Davis, Bryan Hoss, and Janie Varnell have years of experience in federal courts dealing with these types of intimidating criminal defense issues.

The Federal Sentencing Manual is a crucial resource that explains the guidelines governing various penalties you could face, but it is likely that you will need expert advice to understand this complex legal document. The attentive, proven defense lawyers at our firm can help make these intimidating issues understandable to you and your family. Our team understands what you are going through at this time and we are prepared to defend your rights and freedom and to make this process as smooth and painless as possible for you. We appear in federal courts every week of the year and are here to discuss your options with you.

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Have you been charged with a federal drug crime such as trafficking, manufacture, or possession of a controlled substance? Contact our Chattanooga office today to schedule a free case evaluation with our lawyers. At Davis & Hoss, PC, our trial attorneys have the experience and perception to raise the issues necessary to protect you in federal court. For example, Attorney Bryan Hoss recently won a case in the Sixth Circuit Court that is illustrative of the work we do: See U.S. v. Troy Master . Our lawyers can provide the proven legal help you need to protect your interests. Are you ready to take the first step toward clearing your name?

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