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Don't let a criminal charge threaten the things you hold most dear - such as your lifestyle, your freedom, your finances, your family, and your reputation - without retaining a strong criminal defense team to fight on your behalf. The law entitles you to legal counsel of your choosing, no matter what your charges may be. Whether you face criminal prosecution in federal or state court, or whether the charges against you amount to felonies or misdemeanors, don't hesitate to get legal muscle in your corner as soon as possible.

At Davis & Hoss, PC, our lawyers are proven trial attorneys with a case history that includes close to 200 jury trials in jurisdictions throughout the country during a combined 25 years of practice. We are a legal team with experience, ability, and the track record and glowing client testimonials to prove it. Our staff includes a knowledgeable team of paralegals and law clerks in addition to a talented criminal investigator. Attorneys Lee Davis and Bryan Hoss are both adjunct professors at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and highly respected for their abilities as trial attorneys and their thorough familiarity with criminal law.

Whatever the charges you face may be, don't hesitate to get legal support: Call Davis & Hoss, PC today.

We offer free initial case evaluations, so there is no reason to hesitate. One conversation with a Chattanooga criminal defense attorney from our firm could shed light on your situation and grant you invaluable peace of mind. We can help you assess the charges against you and what your options may be. Our attorneys understand what you are experiencing. They are helpful, compassionate, and understanding, while providing the aggressive advocacy and tenacious courtroom representation you need. Schedule your free consultation today to learn how we are prepared to help you.


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